What makes Keep2Share Premium account the best online filehosting?

If you are looking for a user-friendly service for storing files, then meet the Keep2Share Premium account. K2S.cc has rapidly become a widely used service for all kinds of file hosting and sharing needs. There are countless file hosting services out there on the internet. It can be pretty hard to know which to choose when there are so many confusing options It is popular among content professionals and advanced Internet users who are interested in the high quality of such services. Read our comprehensive review on this filehosting for a better understanding of its technical features. It can be pretty hard to know which to choose when there are so many confusing options. It also contains useful information about additional benefits that are included in Premium and Premium Pro accounts.

Today, the huge selection of online file hosting and multihosters can be confusing to an average free users. Indeed, their variety is so great that no one is immune to fraud and loss of money in this area. If your approach to choosing a service for storing and sharing files is serious enough, you need to know what 3 things make the Keep2Share Premium account the best among analogs.

1. High level of security for share files

Keep2Share cares about the reputation of the service and its users, so it adheres to high-security standards. Filehosting uses sophisticated encryption to prevent the theft of personal user data. You can not worry about their leakage in the hands of fraudsters or hackers and keep your anonymity. 

2. User-friendly interface and simple navigation

If you think Keep2Share is designed only for advanced Internet users, you're wrong. You don't need any special technical skills to drag and drop files to upload them. Filehosting is designed on the principles of UX, so all navigation here is intuitive. 

3. Keep2Share high speed download

Forget the times when files took tediously long to upload. Keep2Share is a modern service that uses innovative cloud technology. This method ensures the speed of all operations with files and significantly reduces the waiting time.

Keep2Share technical features

Let's take a closer look at the following functional aspects to get a better idea of the website's operational capabilities.

1. Uploading and downloading files with virus checker

These basic file manipulations are available in the simplest and most convenient way possible for users with Keep2Share Premium Pro Account. As it was said before, to upload, just drag and drop the files you want in a special field.  K2S also has a virus scanner that'll check and sanitize the files it houses. The download accelerator supports simultaneous file uploads of up to 2 GB and downloads of up to 20 GB / 50 GB per day within the mentioned profiles types. Moreover, you will be pleasantly surprised that if your internet connection is broken during uploading or downloading, the process will not be reset. Once the connection is restored, your current session will continue in the same place. It is a very convenient feature that saves time and peace of mind.

2. File storage benefit

With a free Keep2Share account, the user's files are protected for a period of 30 days of secure storage on the site's servers. If you choose a paid subscription to Premium Pro account, the period of safe storage is 3 times increased to 90 days. The number of secure storage files is unlimited. 

3. Legal restrictions

Keep2Share rules do not allow users to get and distribute files that can lead to violation of laws. Users may not store or share files that violate copyright and contain illegal content. Files of users with any accounts (including paid Premium and Premium Pro accounts) are selectively checked to stop illegal activity on the site.

4. Multi-platform compatibility

Keep2Share is a truly universal hosting service that supports all popular operating systems such as Windows, Linux or Mac, Android or iOS. You can fully use the features and benefits of the service from absolutely any computer.

5. User-friendly interface

You can appreciate the convenience of Keep2Share by looking at its interface for the first time. This obvious advantage allows the service to significantly stand out among similar websites. Navigation on file sharing is built for a wide range of Internet users with different technical skills and does not cause any difficulties even for beginners. At the same time, a simple interface does not mean primitive functionality - Keep2Share is designed to carry out professional tasks. 

You can not only upload and save files but also delete, rearrange, rename, group, copy and manage your files. For example, share or restrict access to your files. Whatever your goals are, you can always achieve them with the website's user interface.

6. Integration of other features

Multi-platform is not the only thing that makes Keep2Share significantly more flexible software among competitors. To improve the user experience, the functionality of the website has been supplemented with the ability to integrate some of the other companies' developments. It means that users with a Premium account are free to use absolutely any third-party accelerator to improve speed and save even more of their time. 

7. Upload and Download Speed

A free account allows users to download files at 50kb/sec. Premium accounts offer several significant advantages. For example, the download speed of large files increases to 1000 mb/s. In addition, users no longer have to wait for the start of the downloading process, because it starts immediately. Overall, the Keep2Share Premium account saves its owner from having to wait and makes files available after a very short time.

8. No ads and annoying pop ups

Like any other service, Keep2Share is forced to use ads in its free account versions. The income from this advertising goes to develop the service and support its creators. However, if the user does not want to waste time watching ads, they can purchase Premium or Premium Pro paid accounts. These options are completely free of ad units and annoying pop ups. 

Which Keep2Share account to choose?

If you're still undecided on which account would be the best choice for you, read the review below for each one. You will learn more about their features, advantages, and disadvantages. There are currently three types of accounts available: Free, Premium, and Premium Pro. When you buy a premium account you can use the service free of ads. That means no annoying pop ups and no confusing banners or ads. Registered users who do not pay for a premium will see ads in order for keep2share to generate revenue.  So you can use the service free of ads.

1. Keep2Share Free Account for Getting Started

The first and basic type of account is absolutely free. Keep2Share does not limit the free usage period and will never force you to buy a paid account. Therefore, you can try or continue using the service without any investment. However, you should keep in mind that the functionality of the k2s account is severely limited. It has to do with limited upload and download speed (50 kb/s), file size limitations (up to 1 GB per file), the waiting time (30 seconds before it starts), presence of ads in the interface of the file sharing service. On the whole, the k2s account is suitable for getting acquainted with the service, because Premium and Premium Pro accounts are much more convenient for full use of Keep2Share.

2. Keep2Share Premium account: everything you need at a reasonable price

The second kind of account gives you access to all the features of the service. You will still have some restrictions, but for the average user, they will be mostly unnoticeable. A Premium account allows you to download up to 20 GB per day and the size of a single file can be up to 5 GB (compare that to 1 GB for the free version). Your user pastime on the website will be reduced to the minimum you want it to be. You won't waste time watching ads and waiting for the download to start. What's more, your file download speed will be noticeably faster. A premium account saves you time on your personal occupations with a wide range of features at a commensurate price of $9.50 per month (slightly more than 30 cents per day). Keep2Share will not charge you any additional costs that may be hidden on similar services.

3. Keep2Share Premium Pro account: for those who want more

Upgrading to the Premium Pro level is suitable for those users who share their files regularly and in really huge amounts. For example, the maximum size of a single uploaded file will be 10 GB, and the daily upload limit will increase to 50 GB. This substantial difference in file size can be accessed at an insignificant price difference between Keep2Share Premium and Premium Pro. Premium members receive a huge upgrade to the service which includes an increased file size limit up to 50 GB of downloads per day ! You can also wave goodbye to pesky ads and watch your download start straight away. The download speed is also unlimited, which means that you can get on with what you're doing even more quickly. This premium account comes with a price tag that is good For just over $2 extra (that's $11.75 total) per month, you'll get all of these tremendous features. Besides, the service will give you new luxurious benefits: increased storage capacity, anonymous downloads, and anti-virus file scanning. Users who deal with large numbers of files understand the importance of such features, so when they buy an account they get not only convenient and high-quality services but also confidence and personal peace of mind in their fulfillment.

A few more words about Keep2Share accounts

Obviously, paid accounts have much more functionality and performance compared to the free version. However, fast speeds, allowed download sizes and volumes, and no ads are not their only advantages. The K2S.CC account also allows you to download files anonymously, increasing the maximum file size from 5 GB to 10 GB with this package. Unlike other file sharing services, there are no hidden fees – what you see is what you get. Moreover, Keep2Share accounts include a number of unique great features, which you can learn about below.

Integrated Keep2Share Download Manager and Storage Space

With the integrated file manager software, it is very convenient to manage your downloads. And when you consider the high download speeds available for Keep2Share Pro and Premium Pro accounts, file management becomes a simple and pleasant task. The download manager is offered to users along with a paid subscription to further enhance their interaction with the service. They can monitor and manage all their current downloads, such as setting the priority level, changing the save location of the downloaded file, adding files to Favorites, and re-uploading them. The download manager can also be used as an independent speed booster.

No limits on simultaneous with Keep2Share download files

Users with the free account are limited to downloading only a single file and have to wait for the next one to start downloading. Meanwhile Keep2share Premium and Premium Pro accounts provide their owners with an unlimited number of simultaneous downloads. The download manager independently organizes the optimal order of downloading files, speeding up and improving the process of simultaneous downloads. 

File scanning storage space for an advanced level of security

Keep2share Premium accounts holders can run a quick anti-virus file scan if needed. This function is available before the start of the download, so users can be sure that the downloaded content is safe for their devices.

Keep2Share User anonymity

Users with a paid account can have their privacy on the server if they wish. Information about them such as their location and IP address will be hidden. Using this feature, users of the service can create an additional level of protection against possible fraud and hacker attacks against them.

Keep2Share Payment issues: How to pay in 2023

When the choice of account is made it’s time to think about the payment options. It's okay if you decide to go with the free option. You may be surprised that Keep2Share allows its users to create a free account without entering payment information. You can upgrade to Premium at any time. It is another significant difference between the k2s and similar services. 

However, check out the following information on purchasing a paid subscription just in case you decide to take advantage of its convenience, simplicity, and other benefits. All of the methods described are also simple and convenient, but most importantly, they are absolutely safe. Information about payments made is securely encrypted, which prevents it from getting into the hands of intruders.

There are a few ways to buy Keep2Share accounts and pay with PayPal. Their price varies depending on the payment period you choose.

People Also Ask

Is Keep2Share legitimate?

Very nice website, very reputable and recommendable. Keep2Share provides huge download speeds as well as upload speeds. The website is very professional.

How secure is Keep2Share?

Although your files are sent through an HTTP server, there are no encryptions at all; no password is allowed in the encrypted system. Also be aware that the uploading is normally public but it can be marked as private in case there is no upload option.

How do you pay for Keep2Share?

Keep2Share offers a choice of credit/debit cards, Visa/Master cards and American Express. When you pay via VISA or mastercard, this step offers additional safeguards.


All in all, Keep2Share is a great file hosting service that is really worth paying attention to regardless of your technical skills and financial capabilities. K2S.CC has rapidly become a widely used service for all kinds of file hosting and sharing need. You can use it completely for free or buy a paid subscription, but you will always have access to its simple and intuitive interface. Any user at any time can refuse annoying ads and opt for additional functional and status benefits, such as anti-virus scanning and anonymity.  Keep2Share Account Pro offers you even more features than the Premium Account and allows you to anonymously download files, unlimited video preview and download files up to 10 GB in size. Payment can be made by credit card and other payment methods are also available. Keep2Share accounts make file sharing easier, more convenient, more meaningful, and more reliable. You can be sure that their price is comparable to the quality and scope of their services, and besides, you'll save your own time and peace of mind.

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